The specific purpose for which the Unit will be used is critical as this will determine the required space needed (Available) as well as equipment requirement.

( Mobile Clinics operating in Urban areas will not require staff accommodation as with those in Rural areas where they may be required to stay out for periods of time)

General Health Clinic – HIV and AIDS treatment – Circumcision (Operating and Recovery Facility) – Gynecology and Breast Cancer – Dental and Ophthalmology – Occupational Health –Radiology – Medical Administration Consultation – Medicine Dispensary- Patient Transport Bus


Smaller units such as conversions on Trailer – LDV- Pick up and Panel van chassis being more suited to a two or three staff operation.   

Mobile Clinics manufactured on Truck chassis or Semi-Trailer, ( 4 Meter to 13 Meter) provide adequate space to accommodate separate  functions rooms, including Operating Theatres – Counselling –Admin and recovery areas, and therefore are flexible for multipurpose use and larger staff capacity.

Dependent upon the terrain in which the Mobile Unit will operate the following options are available in Left Hand Drive as well as Right Hand Drive – 2×4 – 4×4 – 6×4 from the Major Motor Manufacturers offering service thought Africa.

All Vehicles and Conversions are Homologated and Certified and Comply with Manufacturer’s Warranty as well as the South African Road Traffic Act.

Continual development ensures the latest technologies are implemented in order to continue being able to supply top quality equipment capable of meeting the challenges for which they are manufactured.  This includes provision of Solar Panels – Air Suspension – Upgrade to Electrical system – Dust proofing – Air Curtains – and backup power supply.

Toyota – Mitsubishi – Mercedes Benz – Nissan – Ford – MAN – Iveco – VW – DAF – UD

Mobile Clinics are covered by Vehicle Manufacturers Warranty as well as a 12 month Factory Guarantee on the conversion in all Countries